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Time out – Gelli Plate play

Today Tony was super tired and went back to bed about 11.30 (healing after two major surgeries is hard work). I decided to get out my Gelli Plate, some Golden Fluid Acrylics, stencils, old lace and some texture plates. Oh, and a random pile of paper. Hours later, here’s just a few of the papers I now have tucked away for card making, collaging, art journaling and other fun stuff. And there’s a wee supply on it’s way to an arty/crafty friend!

image0-011 image0-010 image0-009 image0-008 image0-007 image0-006 image0-005 image0-004 image0-003 image0-002 image0-001

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About Cath Sheard

Hi, my name is Cath Sheard. I'm a library manager, and have an Advanced Diploma of Arts & Creativity (Honours). My husband Tony is retired. Together we publish a community newspaper. We have no children together, but have plenty of "fur kids". It's a good life...

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  1. They look great! Would be good to know how you got some of them :)

  2. Wow! I’d say that’s a wildly productive day. Fabulous prints!

  3. I can’t figure out how you did the first one or the second to last one :)

    • The 2nd to last one is done in layers – yellow, magenta and cobalt blue using the technique int his video
      The first one is inspired by an online Carla Sonheim I did. Basically I tore a couple of paper masks with ‘mountain ranges’, laid down one colour of ink, put the masks on and pulled a print. Another layer of ink, masks in different places, print over the first colour Repeat till happy. So some of the colours are the first layer, untouched, some colours are two or three layers deep. Does that make sense?


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