cjs18 day 20 Birgit Koopsen

I love Birgit’s bright cheerful art so was excited to see her pop up as today’s artist. She made a tiny accordian book but, because I want to keep all of #cjs18 in my art journal I followed along on the page. I love the result and would use this idea for cardmaking.

day 20 birgit koopsen


cjs18 day 18 Joe Rotella

I took the bits that appealed to me for my art journal (loved it all, but not for my journal…) from Joe Rotella‘s video for the day and love the result. I could have worked outside of my journal for this one but, by keeping it in my journal, I have a record to refer back to so it’s more likely I’ll use the techniques again. This was great fun!

day 17 joe rotella

cjs18 day 17 Jen Crossley

Today’s artist, Jen Crossley, used metal for her gorgeous work. Simply put, I don’t do metal. Years ago it was trendy in scrapbooking; I cut myself a couple of times but persevered. Then I *really* cut myself and decided never again…

A day off today was good timing because Tony and I needed to get some stuff done in the kitchen. As part of settling onto insulin, the Diabetes Nurse wants him to have 6 meals a day, and make some food adjustments. So, we’ve given the pantry a good clean out and removed some stuff, such as white rice and pasta (which I don’t really eat post weight loss surgery anyway).

cjs18 day 13 Gwen Lafleur

Today’s artist was Gwen Lafleur  her recipe for making layered collage papers. I had a lightbulb moment watching her. I use scrap paper as I paint, to wipe my brushes & brayer etc, but throw it away once it’s got a bit of paint on it. If I kept going I’d end up with the lovely detailed under-papers I admire that other artist’s share. I knew it, but not in a lived way, if you know what I mean. I loved today’s play session; these are just some of the papers I made.

day 13 1 Gwen Lday 13 2 Gwen Lday 13 3 Gwen L