Playing with hi-build

I have been experimenting with hi-build to get some texture going. I think it makes a great base for acrylic and really like the way it shows through when you sand back the layers. This work needs some more acrylic glaze layers yet but it’s getting there… and then I need to figure out how to finish it with a frame of some sort.

Mixed Media

This is a scene I saw in a magazine and liked. I used acrylics on stretched paper, then once it was dry worked into it with oil sticks.
I really like the texture and flow of oil sticks, and they smell good too! Using oil sticks over the top stops me fiddling around with it too much…

This is an earlier watercolour, which was inspired by a Georgia O’Keeffee watercolour in a book I tracked down via National Library.

I really like her work and had a lot of fun trying to copy her watercolors and figure out how she might have gone about them.

Recent watercolour

This is a watercolour of some moss covered bricks behind the old library here in Patea. Our project was to work through a process that finished with completing four paintings. Of the four paintings this is my favorite, probably because of the colours. I used Indian ink, watercolours and finally gouache for the lime green moss spots.