Another weekend spent painting…

I had another relaxing weekend, working my way through more of my art course.

It was a weekend of experiments really – from using a garden stake to draw an Indian ink cartoon, to painting flowers using nothing but gladwrap, an old credit card or a paint roller!

This flower was done with only three colours of paint and a rubber paint roller. I’m quite pleased with the effect.

The black and white drawing was done with Indian Ink – we had to depict our week in cartoon form. It didn’t photograph very well, the writing says
As her week got busier, Cath began to feel lost in the chaos; limbs slowly detaching and her mind developing a calm but annoying stutter.
It’s a good thing a weekend of painting makes me whole again LOL.

2 thoughts on “Another weekend spent painting…

  1. That flower painting is wonderful, Cath – I love it!

    I love your music list, too – I adore Made in Heaven – Freddy’s best ever album I think!


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