I’ve even been painting…

I’ve had a few days off over the Christmas break and have been painting non-stop for a couple of days now. I’ve mainly been tackling landscapes, working from a series of photos I took recently of the Patea / Waverley coastline.

When I first started the art course with TLC I had a real passion for painting people but this year have concentrated on other themes. I have a real desire to get back to some faces … so yesterday out came the photos.

I have been working on painting my husband, Tony, at this stage because his face is so familiar. So far I have painted the same photo twice, both in watercolour.

Now I’m going to move on and try the same pose in a variety of different media.I really like working this way because as I get more familiar with the shapes and lines my art gets freer and more expressive somehow.

2 thoughts on “I’ve even been painting…

  1. OMG that is sooooooooooo awesome Cath. You are very talented – thats a great painting…I love the colours – looks so alive and real. Love it. Glad you’re had a few days off to enjoy painting. Happy New Year.


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