Well, I’m still working my way through a series of paintings on the sea. To move things along a bit, I decided to have a play with some different materials and techniques.

I’ve had a play with glazes, dry brushing watercolours, scratching back into the paint, rubbing the paint on with a cloth…

I’ve also been experimenting with how realistic an image needs to be before we “read” it as being the sea. I suspect the answer is “not very”!! Our minds are quite happy to go – oh yeah, that looks like the sea.

I had hoped to paint from real life at the beach over the weekend, but it was so hot I couldn’t stand to leave the house. So I paid the bills, finished the paper we publish, chatted to Mum … and painted, painted, painted…

2 thoughts on “Experimenting…

  1. Hasn’t it been hot lately Cath. I can’t believe how much painting you’ve been doing. I really love the one of Mana Bay. And your kitten is a darling – funny how they just find you – those ones are usually the good ones.


  2. Hi Lianne – so you’ve been to Mana Bay with your surfin’s dude huh? And it’s been way way hotter than normal here – by 4 or 5 degrees a couple of times. Awful 😦


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