Starting Chemo…

Meg started her chemo at Massey University yesterday. She was a total star – and as you can see looked very cute in her new pink Canteen bandanna.

The treatment was really easy. It was all over in an hour. So far she has been fine – no sign of tummy upsets or anything. So hopefully wer’re not going to see any adverse reactions, this time anyway.

We got all the supplements she needs to help flush out the toxins – $130 at the health shop later. And a spare wool mattress for her bed cos one of the tablets, we know from experience, will make her pee the bed. So that was another $100 LOL

I got heaps of chicken mince and green veges so I can cook her food until the commercial anti-cancer food turns up – but even then I’ll do half n half. Tedious but, once the habit’s established, not too bad. We also bought serious anti-cancer foods such as grapes, soy flakes, strawberries, acidopholus yoghurt. Poor babies sure gonna miss chocolate and white bread!!

It *may* be a combination of wishful thinking and imagination but I think the bigger glands already feel a wee bit smaller.

This afternoon Meg and I made very cute thank you cards for a few people who deserve them, all featuring this photo of her because I just love it.

Looking into the mirror…

I spent part of Easter painting. In fact I spent Easter in frantic activity, to take my mind off the fact that our beautiful dog, Meg, was diagnosed with Stage V Lymphatic Cancer on Friday. We start chemotherapy this Friday – so fingers crossed, and prayers appreciated.

The self portrait is more about how I feel, than how I look. It’s done in watercolour with oil pastels over the top. Tony said my eyes look hooded – which is exactly how they feel after nights without sleep

The other painting is one of the many moon ones – this is one I have entered in the hope of it being selected for showing at the Peters Doig Marlborough Art Awards in May.