Back to the paint brushes!

Well, Meg is doing amazingly well on chemo. No side effects, no sickness, no lumps and no cancer cells in the blood tests 🙂 Long may it last … thanks for all the kind messages we’ve received wishing her well.

So, I’m back to painting – with mixed results!! I’ve been playing with different materials – including water soluble oil paint, and oil sticks. In the portrait I was really only interested in capturing this young girl’s amazing hair, not her facial features.

The landscape is one of the on-going series of abstracted landscapes. I’ve sold a couple of these now and have also listed with – so we’ll see what happens.

hether they sell or not, I‘m having fun and that’s the main reason I paint.

4 thoughts on “Back to the paint brushes!

  1. Hi Cath
    Sorry to hear about Meg’s ops etc but great that she’s got thru the treatment and doing well.
    Have been loving seeing your artwork. Fantastic stuff.


  2. Cath you are amazing. I really really love your paintings.
    Meg is so cute, hope she recovers well from all this. You certainly take very good care of her.


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