At least I did something :-)

Okay, so it’s not exactly a major piece or work – but it was good to get the paints out and do something. Now I have blue/purple fingernails – so situation normal 🙂

Pity the scanner has added stripes across the top where there aren’t any LOL

Mum is in the hospital wing of a resthome for about 8 days – the hospital said she was too sick to come home but not sick enough to take up a bed when they’re jam packed already. So they recommended the hospital wing – and Mum likes it, so that’s good.

This week I’m off to Auckland for a 4 day course – so I’ll take a few art supplies and a journal with me and make the most of the long evenings. Hopefully that will kick-start some creative habits again. I’m finding the longer I don’t do any real art, the grumpier I get!!!

And on the mend again

Mum came out of hospital yesterday. She’s not right exactly, but she is improving. As always, it will take a while and she won’t get back to quite as good as she was.

She moves with all the speed of a herd of turtles stampeding through a field of peanut butter… But she is very determined.

Last night I found her sitting on her bed, waving her arms round. When I asked what she was up to, she said she was doing the muscle strengthening exercises they had shown her in hospital. Good on her!!

So, life reverts to semi-normal – until next time…

Sometimes other things are more important than art..

I’m not really doing any art at the moment. Mum’s been sick for a bit and on Thursday we took her to hospital in the ambulance – again 😦

She has got worse since; things are not going that well. I know painting would calm me, but I have zero concentration. I’m not sleeping very well – I was finally sound asleep this morning and the hospital rang at 7am and woke me. Of course I thought the worst, but they were just updating me on her progress. Nice of them, but..

So, we watch and wait and pray. Not the first time we’ve been through this, and hopefully (probably) not the last.

Stay warm everyone.