Paint everywhere!! It’s a good thing…

I’ve got back into painting in the last couple of weeks. My Aunt has (sort of) settled into her resthome, Mum is getting better, work has slowed a little – so out came the brushes…

I joined an abstract/contemporary artists community at Seeing their work, and sharing some of my own, has clarified some things for me. I’ve been feeling more and more drawn to abstract art, both in terms of what I paint and what I view.

But with the change in interest came all sorts of questions. Was I making “real” art? Did it need “talent” or was I just “fluffing round”? Did any of that matter as long as I was enjoying myself?

I’ve realised what matters is that I pursue my passion – and my current passion is abstraction. So I’m painting for all I’m worth and trying not to worry about what anyone else thinks.

The two middle paintings were inspired by the idea of Mt Egmont erupting. There’s been quite a bit in the media lately about the idea that Mt Egmont – only an hour from here – could well erupt in the next 50 years or so. Then my brother-in-law sent me a journal article about how geologists are realising global warming can cause mountains to collapse. They used Mt Egmont as an example that has collapsed at least twice in the past.

Thanks for looking 🙂