Keeping on working…

It’s been an eventful few weeks. ..

Meg, our bulldog, has lymphatic cancer and the vet thought she might also have a large melanoma on her knee. Turns out to be something else thank goodness, so we have some more pills to trick her into swallowing 😉

Mum’s been more unwell than usual and has needed a lot of nursing – so I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep the last few weeks.

But what I understand about myself is that I need to keep making art, regardless, otherwise I get even more tired and grumpy.

So, these 3 paintings are some of what I’ve been fiddling round with: the two square landscapes are in preparation for a pre-Christmas exhibition in Hawera, the mainly purple and blue abstract is more exploration for the “Italy from above” series.

One thought on “Keeping on working…

  1. Sorry to hear about your dog and mum.

    I am trying to take care of my Dad right now.

    I had to bury my dog not long ago.

    It was really hard on me.


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