Playing with pastels

I started the day with getting my “Saturday jobs” out of the way. You know the ones; washing, dishes, beds, animals, shopping. Only did half what I should of course 🙂

Then it was into my art room and out with the pastels. I haven’t used them for a while but a book I’ve been reading inspired me to get back to them. I love the directness of the colour application.

I did three quick paintings, each continuing to explore the “Italy from above” theme. Great fun, and I’m particularly pleased with this square one.

I knew Tony wouldn’t like them, so while he was watching me I asked him to say something nice. Pause…
Umm, it doesn’t anything like the reference photo.
Is that your best comment?
I think so, he says..
Well done Tony – it wasn’t meant to look like the photo. LOL
Gotta love him!!


4 thoughts on “Playing with pastels

  1. i read earlier that you were giving meg chemo teatment for cancer. how is that going?

    I’ve never heard of giving your pet chemo treatment before.


  2. Meg’s treatment is going well, thanks. We did chemo last Friday and once again she coped well. There are only 3 more treatments, then we need to assess how she is doing and what happens next. So far we have only achieved partial remission, so here’s hoping the final 3 treatments do the trick. Chemo is not common in NZ for pets yet, but the numbers are increasing.


  3. Thank you for visiting my blog, Cath. It’s nice to meet you and to see what you are doing. I love your idea of the aerial views. Very nice! All the best to you in the new year.


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