Looking forward to 2007

Okay, so I have been a bad, bad blogger. Mum’s health dramas have got in the way something shocking. She’s on the mend again however.
But no more excuses: enough already!! What follows is the promise I made to an art group I belong to. Here’s the promise, now hold me to it… LOL

Have a great 2007 everyone.

I’ve been reading what artists say happens when they make a firm commitment to doing a piece of work a day. It changes things in all kinds of ways. I don’t normally do any new year resolutions but this time I am. You guys are my witnesses and can slap me senseless if I start making excuses 🙂

I WILL make 1 piece of art a day, every day, for all of 2007.
Conditions: can be a painting, collage or whatever.
must be between 4×4″ and 8×8″
must be put on my website each day
no excuses accepted