28_365 – make mine a monoprint thanks

Monoprinting is such fun. All you need is some paper, ink, roller, a piece of glass and a tool of some sort – a pen, brush handle, finger, whatever!

Roll out the paint, draw the design into it, spray the paper till it’s damp then lay on top of the glass. Burnish with your hand or the back of a spoon and then carefully peel off.

This particular image is almost identical to one I have done before – I’m not totally sure why, but there is something about it that satisfies me visually.

26_365 : Oops!! Life happened…

Well, yesterday was day 26 of my 365 day challenge. I got into bed and thought “oops, I didn’t do any art or post any art”!!

What happened? Well, Mum has been in the Base Hospital (1.5 hours away) for almost a fortnight and getting better very slowly. All of a sudden yesterday they decided to discharge her. Luckily my sister was up there and did most of the running round. But by the time Mum got home at about 6pm, we fed her, settled her, re-did her medication trays, got her ready for bed etc – the days was gone, gone, gone.

So – no excuse, but a good reason. I’m pleased to have her home again, even though last night was a “up four times to her” night. I know why new mum’s are so accident-prone, disturbed sleep can be a terrible thing.