9_365 : playing with abstraction

A few weeks ago now there was this weird story in the news about a woman in a sight-seeing boat who was badly hurt when a dolphin landed on her – weird but true.

This small piece, done in fluid acrylics and oil stick, was inspired by that story. No, it’s not a painting of a dolphin — but for me it represents the idea of the dolphin and all the blood, hence the red oil stick.

Not for sale.

2 thoughts on “9_365 : playing with abstraction

  1. Cath, the background on this is amazing. It looks like 3D – scrunched up heavy paper or thick fabric – how did you achieve that?


  2. Rough coat of gessso, when that was dry I scraped on a 2nd coat with a credit card and left to dry. I dropped 2 colours of Golden fluid acrylics on randomly then scraped across the card with the credit card. the dark lines are stop / start / turn marks.
    I keep ALL those odd ‘fake’ credit cards that turn up in the mail from the likes of Doubleday to use as paint scapers.


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