12_365 : still messing round with photos

And still thinking about whether I can successfully translate them into paint.
I’m at the “hmm, what would I use; oils? acrylics? mixed media?” stage, so that means it is probably going to happen soon. Watch this space…

Not for sale.


One thought on “12_365 : still messing round with photos

  1. Makes me think of an article I read somewhere about using photographs to create abstracts – the only bit I remember was looking at the negative space and focusing on that as one version.We were at the opening of the art festival here last night and one of the prize winners used lots of colour and the colours kind of drifted through each other – thought it was oil and the artist said it was acrylic. Amazing. Another painting that won a prize was done entirely in Payne’s Grey and looked quite 3D, painted on a smooth surface, suppose it was a board, lots of depth to the painting, reminded me of your purple painting below. Your photo manipulatino is a great resource.


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