36_365 : playing with photos

As much as I enjoy playing with photos digitally, there is also something very satisfying about taking to the actual photo with bleach, paint, sandpaper, even naked flames!!! I can hear the horrified screams from here.

Well, guess what? I’m a scrapbooker and I have come to the realisation that not every photo is so valuable it must be preserved at all costs – some photos are just photos, end of story…

This is a photo taken in Auckland. The way the tall sign echoes the tall thin trees and buildings interested me. I have worked over the photo with Golden fluid acrylics and gel medium.


2 thoughts on “36_365 : playing with photos

  1. At least this photo hasn’t got (accidential) naked men in it! Now that would make a funny story for your blog ;o) Go on, it dserves to be told.


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