A story for Sue

A couple of posts this week have feature photos taken in Auckland while on a course with Sue, a fellow librarian where I work. Our rooms were reasonably high up, and looked out onto a huge, square central courtyard. Stunning views…

On the morning we left I decided to get some photos of the wall of windows opposite, across the courtyard, because I though they’d make a good starting point for a painting. I’ve got a nice camera with quite a big zoom lens. I get it all sorted, open the net curtains and point it at the wall of windows across the courtyard from me.

OMG There’s a businessman getting dressed (as in, he’s — well — undressed), my camera’s pointing right at him, and he’s looking our way. Eeek!!! I hurriedly pull the curtains…

I give him a few minutes, and figure he’d have been as embarrassed as us – so he’s either moved to another room or has got dressed. Right???

I pick up the camera, open the curtains, point it at the far wall and – yep, you guessed it. Still there, still not dressed…I decided to skip the photo op before we both got arrested! LOL


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