44_365 :

In a recent magazine, New Scientist probably, there was an article about the percentage of rams that are gay. Fascinating stuff. The scientists are trying to figure out what causes homosexuality in sheep, not so they can prevent it, just so they have more understanding. Interesting stuff.

It got me thinking about all kinds of thing; numbers, percentages, religion, prejudice. Before I knew it, a collage was born – and I don’t know if it is gay or not!!!


5 thoughts on “44_365 :

  1. Cath, I love this piece, and your thought process behind it! Just wonderful.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I need to subscribe to yours so I won’t miss anything.


  2. PS – I checked my Blogarithm account and see that I’ve already subscribed to your blog. But I haven’t been getting updates. Blogarithm is strange.


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