61_365 : texture it

Playing with texture, ways of making patterns, sanding back to expose the under-layers. Just getting my hands dirty really 🙂


3 thoughts on “61_365 : texture it

  1. Love the colours – is this a highbuild material? I like the way the colours look soaked into the surface and I really like that line … how do I describe… from the base upwards? The one that looks a bit different. Something like this would feel quite therapeutic after a couple of harrowing days. Hope you’re all better now.


  2. This just summoned up a really vivid feeling of moving fingers through paint – the sheer tactile joy of it. Like the vibrancy of the colours, and the pattern of the lines. These kind of works make me want to run my hands across them. Hope it means you are fully recovered from the migraine – they can be truly miserable.


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