73_365 : and it is still cold

But my snow obsession continues. I think my moon obsession last year was better – it didn’t make me feel so cold…although it could be the sudden change to winter weather doing that I guess 😉

One thought on “73_365 : and it is still cold

  1. It’s freezing here too, Cath. I love the different subtleties of these paintings – I’ve been reading a lot lately about developing one’s work by using an image or theme, and it also reminds me of a comment by Robert at a course I went to, to really get to know your subject by repeating it, trying different media, etc. Living close to a mountain like that must afford you the opportunity to see it in all the seasons in many different lights. Reminds me of a line in a poem “How to Avoid being Impressed or Depressed” by Hone Tuwhare (my favourite poet) ‘…and suddenly Earth Mother changed her dress again…”.


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