75_365 : photographing Mum – capturing the moment

For me photography is a way of recording a scene so I can paint it later, recording my life so I can scrapbook it, and capturing day to day activity in our house so we can celebrate it.

Today’s photo has a story behind it —

We live with and look after my Mum full time; she’s 82 and very ill, but also strong-willed and determined. Nurses either love her or are terrified of her! She loves ‘good’ music and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.
Two days a week she goes into the local rest home during the day, to get her out of the house and give her some different people to chat with.

Judy, the home’s manager, invited Mum to the rest home’s St Patrick’s day morning tea and lunch – to my surprise Mum agreed to go. Into a lime green t-shirt and off she went. They had scones with green topping, Irish Stew for lunch and apple cider. The place was decorated and so were the residents – Mum came home displaying newly painted green fingernails.

I went along to drop her off, and take some photos. When the visiting singers started up Mum obviously thought they were murdering some Irish lyric. For just a second, long enough for me to click to camera, Mum had her “oh god they’re going to sing badly” face on!!
She recovered herself well and put on a polite face. I left and she sat it out with good humour…

Gotta love her.


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