85_365: still tired, but needing to create

A bit thanks to fellow artist Sandra T who emailed me today to check if I was okay. She was worried about me not blogging. Check out Sandra’s work at http://www.dreamswork.blogspot.com

What I do know is that when I stop creating something changes in me – slowly I get more tired, more worn down by the day to day stuff of my life. I need to be creating something, almost anything.

So today I got back into it. It’s a piece I have done before, and will no doubt do again. Using up old watercolours, playing with the composition, messing round with glitter glue. All good fun 🙂

2 thoughts on “85_365: still tired, but needing to create

  1. Sorry things have been a bit rough again recently.

    Thank goodness for Sandra – I’ve been kind of sidetracked, and not kept up enough myself to realise you were missing in action.

    Cath, what you are doing is one of the most wonderful, yet hardest things. It does take so much. It is so important for you to have some moments to refuel, to fill your heart back up, so you can keep giving such care to your mum.

    Wishing you some time to play and relax….


  2. Hey Babe, Ive been missing too. Seems like its been a BAD start to the year for all of us.
    Hugs to you from me. They are a bit limp and lacklustre, but I am thinking of you. x


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