Smaller format

I thought I’d give some small canvases a test run. The result? Love ’em. This painting is only 4×8″ and was lovely to work on. Done using Atelier Interactive acrylics.

While I was painting I had in mind the lovely autumn colours of the trees, and the clear blue skies we are getting at the moment.

For sale on Etsy.

Out front and on film

Yep, I got out from behind the camera, and put myself on film.
Okay, okay, I admit it – I was both behind the camera and in front of it.


I took the photo in our bedroom mirror, with the camera held to one side.
I’m quite pleased with the result – tidying up an image like this in Photoshop works wonders.

ANZAC day – a time to remember

Let’s be clear: I am no fan of war. I think Bruce Springsteen was right when he sang “war, friend only to the undertaker”.

But that does not mean I have no respect for what soldiers from NZ’s past have done, or for the heartfelt reasons they had for fighting.

My own father fought in WWII and came back. I will always be grateful that he was one of the lucky ones. I do have some of his war bits ‘n bobs, but I admit it is hard for me to think of my dad as Able Seaman Barker.

On this day of remembrance I can only pray that one day the world will be a safer place.

I purchased a stunning painting :-)

And I am totally delighted with it. The painting, called “Time flies in the window”, turned up in today’s courier and it is more than I expected. I love it.

It is by New Zealand artist Sandra Toornstra. Her work can be seen at and — well worth taking a look.

From bad to worse!

Okay, so the painting hasn’t really gotten a lot worse, but it sure as heck isn’t much better either. It may even be headed for the great painting repository in the sky.

I wanted to do Mt Egmont with snow falling. The snow itself is not too bad, but the clouds producing the snow look solid enough to land planes on, not fly planes through!!

And no, Martha, not even a peek 😉

I’m back into the paint box

And thank goodness for that. I don’t really know what’s been wrong with me – terminal exhaustion mainly!! I have stopped whinging, and am getting on with it again. Moaning about being tired never fixed anything huh??

So, here is The beach from above #1.

This is part of an ongoing series, inspired originally by the idea of abstracting aerial views of Italy. The series now encompasses abstractions of aerial views from all round the world, as well as from within my own imagination.

This piece is 10×10″ painted in acrylics on high quality pre-stretched canvas. There is no need to frame; it is ready to hang and enjoy.