West Coast Cliffs #2

Working on the cliffs idea – and enjoying it.

Had a good day. Although I did not get a lot of art done, I did plan my move into my new art studio. At the moment I do my art in my inside workroom – but I have to be mindful of mess and cleaning up after myself etc. It’s a space I share with our business, my sister’s bed when she visits, my husband’s clothes…
Not any more!!! By the end of the week I will have my art studio in the outside office I used to use for our business. It no longer suited, for all kinds of reasons, but I hope it will make a great art studio. It is not attached to the house, so I can just close the door and leave the mess if I choose to. And it will be a dedicated space, which will be nice. I suspect my sister will enjoy sleeping in a proper bed when she visits too 🙂

One thought on “West Coast Cliffs #2

  1. Ok, really love these last two paintings… something immediate about them… YAY you have your own studio space. Go crazy !!


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