Egmont again

At least I am off doing the moon for a bit so I guess it is not full moon yet LOL.

This is approx 10×10″, acrylic on paper. Mainly done with a knife.

The colours have not come up totally accurate…

Exciting new purchase :-)

I have just ordered an abstract painting called Out Back by Florida artist Martha Marshall. You can find her Etsy store, colorpoetry, here. You can find a sneak peak of the piece I have purchased here.

Martha’s blog is always interesting – with fabulous artwork, discussion about her processes, and generously shared information about how she markets herself and her work. Check it out here.

So, I am a very happy wee person tonight, and in a couple of week’s I will start stalking the postie!

Creaking around

with a torn ligament in my ankle. Two days off work with my foot up and I am bored as can be.
I have spent quite a bit of time on the Internet, fixing up things, shifting things – you know, sorting…

Anyway, managed to finish this work. Another in the new 10×10 series of abstracted local landscapes. For sale at Etsy and on my website

Finally – a space to work in

Well, shifting workrooms took a lot longer than I thought it would. Man oh man, did I own some junk. I got rid of mountains of rubbish – and now feel cleansed, organised and ready to rock ‘n roll.

So today I finally got into my paints again – what a relief. Here’s the first one to get completed. I just love our Mountain. For sale via Etsy.