Getting straight into it…

I have a lot of work to get through this term, so I have got into it already, starting with ORANGE. I painted test squares of 11 different orange paints and inks, and then mounted then on white, black and blue. It’s amazing what a difference the background colour makes. I guess this all sounds so very basic but there is a lot of theoretical thinking, and experimentation, going on. Great fun.

Today’s efforts

were all about playing with powdered pigment, in much the same way as I have for the last 2 days. t something changed too. I think I am starting to get more of a feel for how the pigment reacts, so that the results are getting are a better representation of what is in my head.

Off doing art stuff all week

I am in Wellington all this week at a block course for the start of Stage 3 of my art through TLC. I’m exhausted, seriously exhausted. But in a good way 🙂
This week is all about playing with materials without worrying about the end result. Here’s a peek at some of what I have been doing.

Synchronicity series finished

I finished this series today. They are signed, dated, strung and ready to send to Auckland for the up-coming Art Guild exhibition. Yahoo 🙂
I’ve even made a Photobucket slide show of the six of them. Now if I can figure out how to post it I’ll be happy. I am trying to learn all this new stuff for work (Web 2.0 and Libraries 2.0) but boy is it hard going! Still, this is all good practice…

The slideshow is shown at right (yep, I got it to work!)


is the title of a new series I am working on. All 8×8″ on boxed canvas, in acrylics, specifically for the NZ Art Guild BMC exhibition in August.

This series is an abstract exploration of all the parts which make up my life – librarian, wife, daughter and caregiver, newspaper editor and publisher. Despite the seemingly random mix of roles and tasks it all fits together – just. And sometimes synchronicity plays a part in my managing to keep the fabric of my life sufficiently glued…hence the title of the series.

These are very different for me – lots of texture and layering. Feeling quite pleased so far.

Working hard, but

little to show for it. Over the last week or so I have:

  • done some promotional work
  • started a series of six paintings for the NZ Art Guild BMC exhibition
  • completed 3 paintings
  • sold a painting
  • been approached by an NZ gallery about representing me
  • applied to another couple of exhibitions

All good stuff, but hardly photo-worthy. Still, the business side has to be attended to as much as the painting side of my art…