Getting straight into it…

I have a lot of work to get through this term, so I have got into it already, starting with ORANGE. I painted test squares of 11 different orange paints and inks, and then mounted then on white, black and blue. It’s amazing what a difference the background colour makes. I guess this all sounds so very basic but there is a lot of theoretical thinking, and experimentation, going on. Great fun.

2 thoughts on “Getting straight into it…

  1. I did some learning about colour a long time ago, and remember making a whole sheet of oranges and another of purples, all using primary colours to mix my own secondaries. Moving house a couple of times, I’ve lost them. Seeing what you’re doing makes me wish I still had them. I like the way you’ve organised these. Looks like you’ve come away from Wellington very inspired and motivated, but then you’ve been inspired and motivated anyway! Thanks for sharing your stuff.


  2. Nice to meet u last week… sorry I didnt get chance to catch up with u on Friday.. I wasnt feeling too good after falling off a chair trying to hang some work !!! PS I love yr work


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