At the estuary

Here’s another in a new series which alludes to, but does not replicate, the landscape I see around me each day. In this case, thinking about the way the light hits the salt marsh plants that line the shallows along the edge of the Patea River as the day draws to a close.
I have a few of these 10×10″ landscapes now – my goodness, a real series! I might be developing some real “stickability”…

Adding to my collection :-)

This morning I bought two new works by American artist Martha Marshall.
I am so excited LOL. I already have a Martha Marshall original called Out Back and now two new ones are winging their way to me courtesy of the postal system. Go the posties!!!

I’ve ordered two ACEOs – Strata and High Noon. Over time I want to build up a collection of Martha’s ACEOs. I will get the framer to float them over a good sized mat and frame them all the same. That way I can group hang them in my office.

Here’s Strata. Aren’t the colours magic?

Martha’s blog site is here and you will find links to her daily paintings and Etsy store etc from there. Go on, treat yourself!

Back to the landscape

Still working in the 10×10″ format, and abstracting the local landscape. Very hands on this time and really enjoying the result. Thanks for looking 🙂

By the way – one person who saw this said “ooh, snow” and another said they saw a herd of buffalo on a slope. What do you see?