Wahoo – my framed ACEOs are back

I have been waiting, patiently of course (not!), for my Martha Marshall ACEOs to come back from the framing gallery. And they are finally here 🙂
Brilliant, just brilliant. Think the frame is ideal and floating them on a wide matt is really good. Unsure if the matt colour of quite right, but can always change it if I decide to later on. It has turned out a bit deeper, warmer cream than I had envisaged. But will live with them for a bit before I make any decisions.
Happy happy happy.
So now just waiting for my two new ACEOs to turn up and they will be off to the framers too.

Showing off my librarian skills – NOT!!

I won’t bother trying to explain the point of this, except to say it was about doing something un-pretty and un-positive. How’s that for great writing skills? LOL

So, I took an old book and ripped the pages so I had a spread of them, inked the edges so they showed up better, and then glues those suckers down. Now it’s a picture, not a story. All good fun.

Might have to put a photo of it in my Librarian’s CV. Hmm, on second thoughts, perhaps not….