Preparing for a new exhibition

I have an exhibition coming up at the Albany Garden Centre in Auckland in December/January in their Cafe area. I need 5 quite large paintings, much larger than I normally do. The owners prefer reds and wood tones, and if at all possible an Italian theme. Hmm, okay…

So I tracked down some photos of the Tuscany region, printed them out as “brain food” and got Tony to help me sift through my canvas stocks till we found some the right size. This afternoon I got into my art room and really went for it. I am really pleased with the result – it’s red, it’s Tuscan and it’s done! (okay, except for the edges, the signature, the sealant…)

4 thoughts on “Preparing for a new exhibition

  1. Cath..this is wonderful! I have always wanted to go to Tuscany and this painting really makes me feel like I am “there”…I get feelings when I look at your paintings and can almost feel what you are experiencing in then. Thanks for sharing your art!


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