GPP Crusade No 14 – who is your Muse?

Michelle Ward asked “who is your Muse?”. Hmm, I didn’t know, wasn’t sure I even had one… I have been thinking on this for days.

In the end the answer was easy, so easy I kept discarding it. My Muse is my husband Tony. We’ve been together for 15 years, married for 10. I was not really doing any art when we met but over the years it has come to occupy more and more of my time (okay, and the spare spaces in our house!). And he’s always been cool with it.

Sometimes he does not ‘get’ what I make, does not understand why I like it, or what I could possibly do with it. But he never fusses about all the hours, all the products, all the mess. How cool is that?

The photo is of Tony with my Mum. We live with Mum as her caregivers; he is patient and caring. Life’s good.

4 thoughts on “GPP Crusade No 14 – who is your Muse?

  1. Cath – glad to have you join the team! Thanks for sharing your Muse – sounds like a keeper! I love your comment about not only the hours you spend making art, but the space too. Haven’t we all been there?! *high five*


  2. Cath,
    Such a sweet post. Tony sounds like a soul mate. Best wishes for loads of continued happiness. Patea sounds special too.
    jodi barone


  3. What a wonderful muse you have. An understanding husband is always a good thing. I have used up all of the unused spaces in my home as well, without much complaint from my husband!


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