Where in the world?

Michelle’s latest challenge was about where all the Street Team come from. This is something I have already scrap booked. My digital camera has a flat battery, so I have scanned and stitched – hence the slightly scruffy image.

Patea is a small rural town of approx 1,000 people on the west coast of the North Island in New Zealand. Not always an easy community; over the years it has suffered from high unemployment, closure of its main industry, loss of a school etc. but fights on, and is looking good. Most people are employed now, the businesses seem to be doing well. It has always been safe to walk the streets…and as I go about my business I know most people by name.

It’s a good place to live.

24 thoughts on “Where in the world?

  1. Cath – thanks for sharing your page and your location on the globe for our latest Crusade. While I’m sitting in my cold studio this morning I’m thinking of you where it’s summer in NZ, right?


  2. Yes, it IS summer Michelle. Which is why it is raining LOL. Although to be honest the rain is a good thing – we were getting short of water and summer is only just starting. They are predicting a long hot summer heaven help us. Wish we could share the warmth around…


  3. How stunning! Thank you for sharing with us… and your artwork is really beautiful… love the challenge you made to yourself this year!


  4. Oh, Cath, I am blown away. Mountains and seaside all at once? It takes my breath away. How lucky we are to live on this beautiful Earth.

    Hugs, Ariel


  5. After love, what could be more important then a good place to live? Posts like this one make me feel so greatful for the blog world….how else would we learn, on a personal level, about the corners, nooks and fields of the world, not to mention getting to meet such lovely people who may live in drastically different places yet with whom we can always find much in common. Thanks! Jodi Barone


  6. your place certainly looks marvelous! isn’t it always an up and down with industry and employment. glad things are on the up! you live in a beautiful place.


  7. Really cool. I am so glad people are loyal to their town, and it’s safe. It’s great to know the people living around you, feeling like a community. I’m lucky to be in a small town in a big megalopolis! Thank you for your pictures.


  8. Thanks for sharing the place you live. The pics are wonderful and peaceful. I think it’s a good place to live. It’s a little diferente (LOL) from Sao Paulo, where about 20 million people must live.
    Someone, who was in your country) told me NZ is wonderful.


  9. I would LOVE to live in a place where everyone knew each others name. How personable, thank you for sharing a glimpse inside Ur world. It looks divine indeed! xo, Monica


  10. Cath…thanks for dropping by my blog…I sure hope all is well with you after that earthquake, heard about it on Yahoo…keep safe!


  11. Hi. New Zealand is in my top list of country which i want to travel. for me, NZ is a very peaceful country and filled up with natural scenery.


  12. Patea does indeed seem like a wonderful place to live! Thanks for dropping by site. I enjoyed scrolling your page and looking at your art. The best year ever to you and yours!


  13. New Zealand is magical dreamland for me. It must be wonderful to live among all that beauty. Thank you for visiting in my blog. Greetings just from opposite side of the globe.


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