Packaging assistant

Packaging up parcels to send off can be a tricky business, and an extra pair of hands is quite useful . Luckily our young cat, Goldie, is always prepared to lend a helping paw.

If Goldie spots a plastic bag, a box or a roll of corrugated card she just has to climb in and explore. Weird, but fun!

4 thoughts on “Packaging assistant

  1. Cath, I just found your blog and adore your abstracts! I like Goldie, too.

    It is good to read you are taking good care of yourself and just creating these days! Why put that pressure on yourself to produce. You are an artist, not a machine!

    I will be watching.


  2. Hi Cath,
    Have missed seeing you around Wetcanvas.
    Love these furry family members, we have one too.
    Saw your post on Kim’s blog and wanted to pop in and say hello.



  3. Very cosy ;). And thanks, yes I’m getting there – its ups and downs and one day at a time. Hope you have been getting some good art time. Take care 🙂


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