Huge emergency in town :-(

The disused freezing works in town caught fire last night. There is a lot of asbestos in the buildings so it is quite dangerous, and masses of acrid smoke. They evacuated everyone who lives near it during the night.

Today they are evacuating up to 300 more people whose houses are in the ‘smoke zones’. All the shops are closed, and the day’s big Waitangi Day party in the park has been cancelled.
Those of us not being evacuated have to stay indoors for up to 3 days with all doors and windows closed. My husband is out on the ambulance helping to evacuate the rest home first, then individuals with medical issues.

Mum and I have battened down the hatches – doors and windows closed, extra water in saucepans… I keep a civil emergency kit anyway, so we have food, medicines, disinfectant and so on.

It’s been a busy morning though; because I work for Council lots of people are ringing me trying to find out what is happening and what they should do.

My only real concerns are: our 4 cockatiels and 2 Galahs in the outside aviary, I’m watching the smoke and will bring them inside if I need to. And Mum – she’s 83 and has serious health problems, so is probably quite susceptible.

All good though, we’re safe and sound.

4 thoughts on “Huge emergency in town :-(

  1. We’ve been wondering if you were affected, and watching the news. BTW still looking at that book! Will get my A into G and send it soon. Take care.


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