And the smoke goes on

Well, we got off fairly lightly yesterday cos of the wind direction. But woke this morning to a very smoky house, despite all the windows being closed up tight. I had a nasty headache by 10am and, 5 Panadol in 2 hours later, headed home leaving my staff to battle it out. I felt bad leaving them, but was barely coherent.

It’s incredibly quiet in the streets, like living in a ghost town.

So how is it going? Here’s some “highlights” from the media releases:

Patea residents can expect to receive information tomorrow about what they can do to minimise risks of asbestos contamination as a fire at the derelict freezing works site continues to smoulder at the southern approach to the town.

We will not know the true level of risk till Monday when we expect to reserve results of testing for the presence of asbestos in the town.

“People should remain indoors where possible and keep doors and windows closed. It’s important that children be kept away from any dusty areas that may contain soot and debris from the fire.”

Mayor Dunlop said the Council would have two farm effluent irrigators sprinkling water from the Patea River on debris at the Freezing Works site tomorrow. “By keeping the site damp we can minimise the risk of wind carrying any contamination towards the town or other areas. And the Regional Council is investigating options that may be available to keep the site safe from wind longer term, while we assess the best ways to permanently clear all traces of the fire damaged buildings.”

One thought on “And the smoke goes on

  1. Gosh, Cath, I hope things improve soon. How is your mother? It’s all very well being told to keep everything closed up and stay indoors etc, but how practicable is that. Sounds like the smoke infiltrates regardless. If the authorities paid for people to stay in an unpolluted place until it was clean and safe to return home, would everyone go? Must be a real dilemma as people do have lives that can’t suddenly stop because of this. And how can you ever be compensated I wonder. In fact, is there any talk of that? I hope the situation improves quick smart and your health (and mother’s) isn’t affected any more.


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