Some results are in

So far, so good. The health authorities released initial test results today, which show no asbestos on the dust samples they collected around town the day after the fire. Results from the air samples they collected will not be available for another 36 hours or so.

I spent my Saturday at work, handing out rubbish bags and gloves for the clean up, and repeating the advice I have been provided with. Human nature can be a funny thing and, in the last two days or so, I have seen some of the best and worst that stress brings out in people. Obviously because it is my work I can’t say much, but I will say this. It is often the people who have encountered the most risk, with the most to lose, who are also the most patient and understanding that some answers cannot be provided instantly. Enough said!

On the home front, most of the smoke smell has gone thank goodness. I have a bit of a cough etc, kind of like hayfever, but that’s all. Just a normal reaction to exposure to yucky smoke.

I have to work again tomorrow, Sunday, so hope things go well. Having dealt with 600 worried people in two days, I’m a bit tired out.

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