GPP Crusade 17: Pandora’s Box

Michelle’s GPP Street Team challenge for February was to create a “Pandora’s Box”.

Pandora’s Box? – a journaling kit or tote full of favorite tools and supplies to keep on hand for journaling without having to scratch around looking for stuff. For once I was onto it, and already had a kit that sits on my desk 24/7. (Okay, so why has it taken me till the 1st March to post about it? Heaven only knows!)

The kit – which is more a semi-contained pile of stuff – consists of:
Navy, pumpkin and gold ink pads
Brick and purple Walnut Ink
Gesso and gel medium
A small range of pencils – pastel, graphitint, charcoal, water soluble
Black, purple and bright yellow ink
Golden fluid acrylics – raw sienna, med yellow, cerulean blue, burnt orange, black and manila cream
A roll of paper towels
A large bottle of Diamond Glaze adhesive
A few spools of cotton
Bernina Aurora sewing machine
Red, navy, burgundy, yellow and light blue oil pastels
Roll of masking tape

And that’s it – same stuff, all the time. I find it works for me; there is some colour consistency across mediums, lots of options for texture and depth, plenty of mess, and the speed of items I am familiar with. Perfect…

7 thoughts on “GPP Crusade 17: Pandora’s Box

  1. Cath – you crack me up! “semi-contained pile of stuff”, that’s great! More like Pandora’s Corner. Having all your stuff together to enable you to make pages following a impulse or just as exercise. I’m with you – keep the palette consistant and there’s less to think about, it all works. Thanks for playing.


  2. wonderful! I am just getting in to using my gesso…haven’t used it in years. It looks like you are ready for creativity!


  3. Color consistency… there’s a great thought! Since I’m new to this I think I need to figure out what my fav palette’s are first. Guess I’ll be overwhelmed with color choice at the moment, lol!


  4. Cath….everything in your kit is fabulous! I need to look for some of that brick and purple walnut ink. they sound great.

    p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog to leave a comment on my journal kit :o)


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