still working on my lines

I’m off to Wellington in a couple of days to look at the exhibition space we’ll be using for the end of term exhibition. In the meantime I’m just keeping on with my lines and shadows.

4 thoughts on “still working on my lines

  1. Lucky you! Haven’t been down for ages and I miss it. BTW I’m SORRY I haven’t sent your book back yet – what a year. It’s safe and sound in the bubblewrap envelope you sent it in and I will get to it this week, I promise!


  2. How was your trip?

    I am loving the art you are showing Cath! I think line making is awesome…says so much, to be sure. And when you think about it, lines can be simple or complex.

    It is good to read you are being good to yourself in 2008! I don’t post every day, but often 5 days a week! It can be difficult to keep up with.

    Thank you for visiting my blog today…I appreciate your comment there.


  3. I love these lines too – I wouldn’t have thought to see them as shadows if I hadn’t seen/read the earlier ones – and seeing them that way they seem to jump into a different dimension! very cool.

    much love.


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