4 thoughts on “Fluffing round on a Sunday

  1. I love the layering effect you achieved. If you flipped the photo would the word Nikon still be reversed? I should be able to figure that out but….!


  2. This is lovely! I always have to get comfortable with the basics on the computer first, too. I know I should be using a program like this, however it hasn’t happened yet! I will be eager to see the wonderful things you do with this program. So far…looks pretty impressive!

    Have a Lovely Day!


  3. Just a suggestion when you are ready to learn more Photshop. I learnt from lvsonline.com. It is about $25 US for a 6 week course. I think there are two levels. I have done them both. They are aimed at photographers but you really learn Photoshop well. Then I did 2 art/Photoshop classes with Janee from myjanee.com. She is a fabulous teacher (she was with lvs when I did the courses) and what she teaches is really useful for an artist.


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