Being "happy busy"

I’ve had a good day – I love that 🙂
I finished off a couple of paintings, managed to take decent photos of them, etc and load them onto my Etsy shop. I feel like I accomplished stuff today. Yahoo!

Here are the works I loaded up – both celebrating New Zealand and its wonderful landscape, but in two very different ways…

6 thoughts on “Being "happy busy"

  1. Hello Cath ! How lucky you are to have landscapes of such magnificent color ! Definitely worth celebrating which you have done beautifully. I live in North Eastern US where we have had a long long long winter that is spreading into a grey grey spring so far – I long for color like yours! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog home!
    Take care,


  2. Cath, I love these new ones! There is something especially fresh and evocative about the top one, with the bold sweeps of color.


  3. Love these, Cath. Especially the lower one. How wonderful to have a view of the mountain down there. Haven’t checked out your windfarm blog lately. No further news up here yet whether the mining company is proceeding with their extensions.

    By the way, that comment on your blog…”see here” they’re spam. I wrote about it on my blog. Irritating how such people figure out how to do this.

    And, finally, LOVE the new heading on your blog – great picture and nice to see your experments with photoshop – I’m jealous.


  4. I’ve enjoyed looking around here! Love the color of your paintings and your photos/photoshop images are really nice!!


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