NZAG collaborative project

The NZ Art Guild does a collaborative project once a year; this year’s is titled “Reach Out”. Participating artists get sent a small panel, partially pre-painted, on which to do their work. Mine is finished – yay!
There is meaning and dialogue behind what I have done but I think I’ll leave that for now. So here it is – my small contribution to this year’s huge project 🙂

(not a great photo of it by the way, it was hard to get a good shot for a number of reasons, including the fact that the house is in turmoil while we have a new kitchen installed over the long weekend)

2 thoughts on “NZAG collaborative project

  1. Really like this Cath. I’ve got one too to complete – must get on with it! Am doing a printmaking course this week and had it in my mind to incorporate something from that but not so sure now…maybe I’ll stick to the paint! (Or draw a nude!)


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