Taking a different tack

It was time to break out and do something different – so I did.

For both of these I started with a layer of glazing liquid and added fluid acrylics. Let it dry and added another layer. Let it dry again, and started adding marks to, hopefully, bring the image together. They remind me of landscape.

What do you think?

These are done in artist acrylics on gallery wrap canvas and are for sale at my Etsy.

Cut it out: II

Michelle’s challenge, last month, was to make a stencil and/or mask and then use it. Okay, so I am running a bit late on this one, but I got there finally. I manipulated a photo of our Grandson Rory using Photoshop until I had it down to the basics, then cut it out of acetate with my new soldering iron.

Although it is probably not instantly recognisable as Rory, I’m happy with it as a first attempt. The photo I’ve posted is the start of a scrapbook page for my Rory album. Thanks for the inspiration Michelle.

Now onto the next challenge…

Planning the finer details

My final exhibition is coming up fast. Although I am still creating the works for it, I am also thinking about wall colour, spacing etc. Each work has the same lines and curves in it, but they ‘speak to each other’ differently depending on the size gap between them, and how the black and white lines read across that space.

Here’s two shots of the same four works, with different spacing so you can see what I mean.