Planning the finer details

My final exhibition is coming up fast. Although I am still creating the works for it, I am also thinking about wall colour, spacing etc. Each work has the same lines and curves in it, but they ‘speak to each other’ differently depending on the size gap between them, and how the black and white lines read across that space.

Here’s two shots of the same four works, with different spacing so you can see what I mean.

3 thoughts on “Planning the finer details

  1. I used to do patchwork…I immediatley see the starry dark shape in the middle of the four – fascinating works, Cath. Good luck with your exhibition.


  2. As the distance between the units increases each becomes more self contained and less talkative.I think your limits of just black and white and grays in a few lines really is a fascinating beginning to a new direction.


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