Cut it out: II

Michelle’s challenge, last month, was to make a stencil and/or mask and then use it. Okay, so I am running a bit late on this one, but I got there finally. I manipulated a photo of our Grandson Rory using Photoshop until I had it down to the basics, then cut it out of acetate with my new soldering iron.

Although it is probably not instantly recognisable as Rory, I’m happy with it as a first attempt. The photo I’ve posted is the start of a scrapbook page for my Rory album. Thanks for the inspiration Michelle.

Now onto the next challenge…

7 thoughts on “Cut it out: II

  1. Cath ~ bravo! This looks great! I’m glad you took on the challenge. He looks adorable. Just looked through my sent mail file to be sure I sent you a thank you for the cards….didn’t see an email to you SO I AM SO SOORY FOR BEING SO LATE in thanking you. THANK YOU. *smacks head for being such a dunce*


  2. Very cool! I am entranced by these portrait stencils and seeing how well yours turned out, I may try it. Thanks!
    — JeriAnn


  3. Very cool! I’ve been working on something similar without the success you’ve had. But I’ll keep trying. Love your use of color as shown on the Flickr link.


  4. I really like this stencil. I could not get motivated to do a stencil, but this one is inspiring. Thanks for coming by and looking at my castings (Crusade #20). Hope to see you again.


  5. Cath, your attempt at a portrait stencil is soooooo much better than mine! I too am entranced by these portraits and am determined to do one to my own satisfaction.

    And thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. ;-))


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