Boom Crash Flash!

No, I haven’t been reading old boy’s comic books 😉 I’m referring to the weather here. In a word, it’s miserable. Thunder, lighting, rain, wind and even two bouts of hail. Good grief!

So, I am thankful for:

  • plenty of heaters in the house
  • the means to pay for all that heating
  • fluffy slippers
  • a snuggly wool cardigan
  • ugly-but-warm trousers
  • a lovely toasty-warm bed awaiting me tonight

Exhibition 5(-dog)

Well, last week I had an exhibition in Wellington, with four other students, as the final step in my Advanced Diploma of Art & Creativity. Approx 300 people attended over the opening night and three days following, so that was excellent.
The Advanced Diploma is the equivalent of a BFA so I am really happy to have achieved it. It was fantastic fun. Hard work too mind you 😉

These photos show just 6 of more than 100 photos I have worked on over the last year. I used the same photo of each – of shadows on our concrete driveway. Early on, I coloured parts of the photo, then replicated the shadow lines. Over time, things got both simpler and more complex. I stopped “colouring in” but started playing with how the marks I made with paint or oil pastel did things to the shadow lines. In real life the white acrylic lines, in particular, seem to stand right off the photo, sitting way out in front as though in another plane – like they were on a transparent surface laying an inch or so above the photo.

(post edited 1 Oct 09 to replace slide show, that was playing up, with photos)

*this* is what inspires me

I live in very rural New Zealand. Yes it’s a bit run-down, yes it has some problems, yes the old freezing works is a bit of an eyesore. But you know what? When I look at this photo, freezing works ruin included, I just see the beauty. How can I not be inspired with such stunning views around me?

One photo is looking up the river towards the old works, the other is looking out to sea. That’s the local volunteer coastguard rescue boat you can see, having a practice run. Tony is a medic with them. Where would we be without volunteers…

NZ Art Guild 2008 Collaborative Project

‘Reach Out’88 artists have contributed to ‘Reach Out’ by creating one small individual artwork. We were provided with a small wooden panel and given a theme to paint to. The theme this year is ‘On your mind’ and interpretation of this was entirely up to the artists.

When all of these individual artworks are combined they create an overall image and a stunning one of a kind artwork measuring 1.3m x 1.5m. The overall image of the collaborative artwork is kept secret, even from those participating in it, until the unveiling of the artwork on the opening night of the NZ Art Guild annual exhibition.

NZAG Annual Exhibition63 artists form around NZ are showcasing their fantastic diverse artworks at the NZ Art Guild annual exhibition – ‘Make it Memorable’. All welcome to attend, free entry, wine and cheese provided.
‘Make it Memorable’ opening night: Tuesday 1st July 2008 at 6:30pm
Venue: Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna Beach, Auckland
Date: July 1st – 30th 2008
Open: Monday to Friday 9 – 5 & Saturday 10 – 4