How to really relax

Check this out – total relaxation. Goldie gets up on Mum’s knee, drapes herself into the folds of the mohair rugs and settles down. Utter bliss out. Nice!

2 thoughts on “How to really relax

  1. And isn’t she gorgeous! Nothing quite like a kitty to bring contentment & serenity to your life. They’ve really got a handle on this relaxation thing!
    Mine sleeps draped across my torso at night,,,,when I turn she just ‘rides the wave’.
    Funny critters!


  2. I am “owned” by two cats, “Bogie” and “Stella.” They sure know how to relax, too!

    Also, I wanted to thank you for your recent comments on the Kodak falconcam list. All of your comments were “spot on!” Let’s leave it to the experts, and express our appreciation to Kodak for accomodating the falcons and the watchers for so many years!

    A Musician by Grace


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