Reach Out unveiled

88 artists (including me!) have contributed to ‘Reach Out’ by creating one small individual artwork. They were provided with a small wooden panel and given a theme to paint to. The theme this year is ‘On your mind’ and interpretation of this is entirely up to the artists.

When all of these individual artworks are combined they create an overall image and a stunning one of a kind artwork measuring 1.3m x 1.5m. The overall image of the collaborative artwork is kept secret, even from those participating in it, until the unveiling of the artwork on the opening night of the NZ Art Guild annual exhibition.

This year not only can you own the collaboration in its’ entirety, but you can purchase a Limited Edition Print or an individual boxed print of your favorite piece. To view all the details of this piece and how you can get your hands on it go here…

3 thoughts on “Reach Out unveiled

  1. The idea is extreemly exciting – a guild making this wonderfully accepting and inclusive demonstration of individual works making a greater whole. I hope our local art guild in Oregon, USA will do something similar. I checked out the site and enjoyed seing each and every piece.


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