Detour #1

I’ve been exploring the Patea landscape in a fairly abstract way again. Our local landscape never fails to bring my joy. There are two new paintings in this on-going series, and I have called this one “Detour #1” because in order to see the cliffs I have to take a considerable detour on the way home from work.

This has lots of solid gritty texture, and layers of dry-brushed paint for real atmospheric depth. 4×8″ in acrylics on gallery-wrap canvas. For sale on Etsy.

2 thoughts on “Detour #1

  1. Great abstract, Cath.
    You know that title brings to mind many sorts of interpretations,,,,I like that.(life often has surprise detours)
    This has great depth, and texture,,,and of course I love the earthy colors.


  2. Like these paintings Cath, the strength in them and the solidity of the forms. And i always like the touch of dark (black?).


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