Mum’s in hospital again

But I think this is only the second time this winter, so we’re doing well really. She had an infection, we got antibiotics, they didn’t work, so the infection kept on in a low-grade way. Mum’s diabetic, cardiac and renal patient, and it has put her heart and kidneys under considerable pressure.
On Wednesday she had a fall so I made a doctor’s appointment for Thursday. Because her heart is so fragile they try to keep her pulse rate around 60. When they took it, it was 135. No wonder she felt sick. Her blood pressure was also very low, and her kidney function had deteriorated considerably.
So, the doctor called the ambulance and my husband turned up and took her away. Nothing like having an ambulance officer for a son-in-law when you have chronic, and sometimes acute, health problems!
Last night I went up after work and she was feeling a bit better. I had a chat with her nurse who said her vitals are better but there’s a way to go yet. So she’ll be there all weekend at the very least. Our wee dog clearly thinks I’ve misplaced Grandma and is not impressed. Oh dear 😦


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